Sketchcrawl April 2014

I usually hear about the Worldwide Sketchcrawl the evening it is over. This year I was reminded a few days before and got to participate, on a small scale! I was talking to a former co-worker on Wednesday and mentioned it to her. She’s been making pottery for about a year and so I just thought I’d say something about the Sketchcrawl. She replied, “Oh! I haven’t sketched in years!” Well, I guess that finally clicked with something in my brain and the next day I texted her to see if she would like to sketch with me on Saturday. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have done the Sketchcrawl on my own. She said yes and we had an absolutely wonderful day! First of all, the weather was just perfect! Sunny, not too warm, great breeze! We met for breakfast and then went to a city park that neither one of us had been to. We got right in the middle of a run, lots of people around, music… it was noisy, but great fun! I did manage a small sketch, but I’m really pleased with it. I’m not what you would call an experienced sketcher, and have never drawn in public!

Scene at Jordan Valley Park 4-19-14

Scene at Jordan Valley Park 4-19-14

From there, we went to another park and did lots of walking before we found a spot to sit and sketch. I started a drawing of her, but quickly decided to stick with inanimate objects! Didn’t quite finish this one, but it was a fun start, and I did take a photo so I could add more detail later if I want to.

Bench at  Close Memorial Park

Bench at Close Memorial Park

We had so much fun, we made a date for June! Hope to have more sketches to share!

Thanks for stopping! TTYL!

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