Acts of Kindness

I have been blessed by two random acts of kindness recently. The first was at the checkout at Walgreen’s when the customer ahead of me left her change (which included some bills) on the counter and said to the clerk, “Pay it forward!” I, in turn, did the same. I wondered later how far it went.

The second act happened yesterday when one of the outdoor neighborhood cats was hit by a car. We don’t know when it happened, but sometime later, a passerby on bike stopped and gently carried the kitty out of the street and layed her on the grass. That’s when my husband saw and went out to see what had happened. I wasn’t there at the time, but when I returned several hours later, there were 4 of the reddest roses lying on the porch and a card had been slid under the door, addressed “To the People who Loved Rose.” I was so overwhelmed by this stranger’s caring enough to move our girl out of the road, but then to receive her comforting gift was the kindest act that I think I’ve ever been the recipient of. I wanted to recognize this act of kindness, but unfortunately, I’ll probably never be able to do so in person, so this will have to do. Thank you, kind soul.

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